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Метка: Academi

Academi is an American training company, originally founded in 1997 by Erik Prince. Formerly known as Blackwater,[4] the company was renamed US Training Center in 2009, and «Academi» in 2011 by new owners, after being sold. The company was purchased in late 2010 by a group of private investors who changed the name to Academi and instituted a board of directors and new senior management. Prince retained the rights to the name Blackwater and has no affiliation with Academi. Blackwater received widespread publicity in 2007, when a group of its employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians and injured 20 in Nisour Square, Baghdad for which four guards were convicted in a U.S. court.



Информация о пропаже в Донецкой области 20-ти наемников из США, распространенная вечером 15 апреля газетой «Взгляд» со ссылкой на высокопоставленный источник в Совете безопасности России, в значительной мере меняет представление […]