Valery Jacobi — Jesters at the Court of Empress Anna Ioanovna of Russia  (1872)

 Here gathered in the bedroom of sick Empress Anna (lying in the bed):  Biron (sitting at the bedhead ), jesters trying to cheer up by playing leapfrog: they are M.A. Galitsyn (bending), N.F. Volkonsky who jumped upon Galitsyn; Apraksin ( sprawled on the floor ), Jester Balakirev ( rises above all ) , Pedrillo ( with a violin ) and d’Akosta ( with a whip ). By the bed- Countess Biron; N.F. Lopukhina, her favorite Count Karl Gustav von Löwenwolde and Duchess of Hessen-Homburg at a table playing cards,  behind them — Count Munnich and Prince Nikolai Troubetskoy. Near Biron — his son( with a whip) and the chief of the Secret Chancellery — A.I.Ushakov, near sitting: the future regent of Russia Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna, the French Ambassador de la Chétardie and Count Jean Armand de L’Estocq (surgeon). On the floor by the bed — dwarf — jester Kalmyk Buzheninova. Aside, a poet V.K. Trediakovsky standing near the roost with parrots. At the entrance — watching the scene indignantly — The Cabinet minister A. Volynsky

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